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Covid-19 was already declared as pandemic since it was shown in December at Wuhan, China. Now, most of the country is aware of it and some of them were already locked down, which means people should stay at home. Leslie at Vox said that staying at home will stem the coronavirus outbreak because this virus is spreading through interaction

Besides the locked down, to prevent the coronavirus pandemics from getting bigger — public health officials are suggesting the society to do the “self-distancing”. But it’s not that easy, because again, we have to avoid our natural behavior  — social interaction.

source: vox.com – Coronavirus will also cause a loneliness epidemic

Locked down or social distancing — both will affect our way of work, seat in a bus, and of course, communicating. In the end, the most effective way to socializing with each other is by not interacting directly — the internet. People finally work from home by using Skype, students study from home using Google Classroom and talk with friends using Whatsapp. A good way to avoid the spread, but how long will this last? Will it last long enough to change society’s culture? What if society is already comfortable with this way to communicate when the pandemics have already ended? and what if the data finally showed that some professionals are more productive to work at home than at the office?

Well, that’s what are we thinking about. Stay safe, everyone.


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