In the first quarter of 2019, TikTok has become the most installed app and now it blows over 800 million monthly active user who are spending 45 mins per day at average watching videos that are typically only 15 secs long.

While TikTok is new, the role it occupies in social media landscape is not. Younger generations have consistently flocked to new social networks, which present a low-pressure space to be creative online. Some of these networks have survived (Snapchat, Instagram), while others have not (rest in peace to Vine and Peach).

More impressive is just how much these short, addictive videos are influencing digital content. You can browse through Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube and you’re bound to see reposted content from TikTok spreading.

The authenticity reflects continuing shift away from the glossy content that has come to dominate othe social networks. Whether or not Gen Z will stick with TikTok as their social network of choice, it’s clear that they’re done with the “Instagram Aesthetic”.

So, do you consider TikTok as your new social media?

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