7 Essentials

In the midst of all on-trend clothing we curated a list of essential finery to build a wardrobe that will have a long life cycle. By practicing to keep all your essential fineries only. You’ll also contribute to reduce fashion waste and ease yourself from confusion when you get ready.

These are all you need to build your essential wardrobe that will nail every occasion you could encounter in your daily life. From formal, to casual, and everything in between.


1. Jeans

Indigo and Black Jeans

Jeans are the ultimate clothing items, don’t you think? Pair them with t-shirts, laid back shirts, or even formal shirts. You name it. But, since jeans are not quite proper to be worn to formal events, our tips is to invest in at least two kinds of jeans. First, the blue colored one. Whether you prefer the dark washed, medium, or light, all of them are suitable for your casual activities. But if you still want to wear jeans your formal events, wear the black jeans. People won’t even notice that it is jeans. Check out our Stretch Jeans available in Black and Indigo.


2. Chino Pants

Black and Khaki Chinos

You can’t possibly go wrong with chinos. You can pair chinos with any tops and outerwear for any type of occasion. For formal events, pair chinos with shirts, and tucked it in. While on casual event you can pair it with laid back shirt or plain t-shirt with additional outerwear. We recommend to invest in several colors of chinos, but the most essential are one pair of dark colored chinos (for example black, grey, or navy) and one pair of light coloured one (such as khaki or beige). We have 3 kinds of color options for our chinos. Black, navy, and khaki, all are made with the finest cotton-twill material for the outmost comfort usage.


3. Formal Trouser

Light Grey and Navy Blue Trousers

Even though chinos is suitable for formal occasion, you still need at least one pair of trouser designed for formal errands. Our recommendation is a dark colored trouser or pantsuit that could easily be paired with your blazer, and even to suit up on special occasion. But, you could also pair them with plain t-shirts and show up casually. It’s up to your preference to have one in pattern or just plain. But if you’re looking for the patterned one, we have our Black and Navy Blue Pinstripe Pants available for you. Designed with a subtle stripe pattern that will elevate your look while still being classic.


4. Long-sleeve Shirt

Black and Grey Button-down Shirt

We can’t just passed this one item. Long sleeves shirt are a formal occasion saver. Just pair it with the bottoms that we mentioned earlier and you’re good to go. Whether you prefer to pair it with chinos, trouser, or jeans we guarantee you’ll look good! Style it how you like it, roll the sleeves or just wear it long, open the front button with plain t-shirts inside or just buttoned it. For your ease, invest in some basic colors both light or dark such as white, maroon, grey, navy, army, and black. If you keen to get one, we have the Grey Button-down Shirt ready for you.


5. Short-sleeve Shirt

The Camp Shirt

Same as the long sleeves shirt, short sleeves shirt also a quite essential item to own in a noblemen wardrobe. It can be styled both formal and casual according to your liking. Get yourself a patterned one and a plain one. Pair it with your desired bottoms and additional outerwear and you’re ready to go. We have three kinds of short sleeves Camp Shirt ready for you in a white-blue, indigo-white, and barn red striped pattern.


6. T-shirt

White and Black plain T-shirt

Who doesn’t need a good pair of t-shirts? They’re great to wear on it’s own or layered with shirts and outerwears with countless combinations to the bottoms. Invest in a high quality t-shirts that is durable and comfortable in several colors so you won’t need to buy it over and over again. Our criteria for a great t-shirts are they need to be made out of a breathable fabric, with non see-through material, and great fit to our body.


7. Outerwear

Brown Suede Biker Jacket and Navy Blue Suede Trucker Jacket

We considered outerwear as an essential pieces because it could easily make a statement to our outfit. Outerwears comes in many design and characteristics that you can easily pick the most suitable one to complete your outfit. For formal occasion we recommend to reach for a more structured one that have collars. You can check out our outerwears and choose which one’s for you. We have Suede Biker Jacket in brown and black, Suede Trucker Jacket in navy and brown, also Suede Bomber Jacket in brown and black.


So, what’s your version of essential fineries to build a wardrobe? Comment down below!


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